The recent popularity of high waist Empire style, tight waist, chest, well-behaved bridesmaid elegant side. Hair is good, then a simple braided hair, then weave the hair behind your head, can give people a feeling of quiet elegance. Whether long-tail, fish or the short wedding dress can be a [] whole wedding plays, it can not only show the bride's magnificent and elegant, but also to better highlight the theme of the wedding. Tail style wedding, retro wedding very good choice, the bride wore the most gorgeous church wedding with a grand atmosphere, from Punta skirt, long trailing wedding chapel are the crowning touch. Selecting hem slightly fluffy Princess style, but should not be too large, oversized skirts swelling lower body. Pink like Miranda or purplish red like Salma Hayek, just select a fitted bodice, sexy was clear, sexy and advance on the fork, is the tail sexy, it all depends on your own preferences. When selecting the bride's wedding dress color from the first starting, many brides because of their skin color problems, had to give up a lot of options. Wedding dress can be a very good combination of satin pettiskirt. Gentle red yarn winding package body, perfect chest-chest wrapped foil design, split to the thigh root skirt, easily showing long legs. Upper body, plump or hourglass shape bride fit tail trim, and reached a pencil skirt is more suitable for brides with full Apple figure bride can choose classical wind Wedding Palace or Princess wedding gown. Colours to traditional architecture inspired a sober new cheongsam, has abandoned his long black high collar design, noble and capable.

Bride figure modified by body sculpting underwear could also play a role, some works elegantly slim of body sculpting underwear but has a very good effect, bride who can be cleverly hidden extra flab, to produce plastics, in a wedding dress, nature would not be so difficult. Wedding dress white lace could claim some elegant colors of fabric, such as beige, champagne, ice blue, and have some color wedding gown and will continue to be popular. Wedding budget plenty of brides, you can choose to tailor more fully meet the individual needs of prospective bride for a wedding dress, style. In a wide range of wedding dresses, romantic lace and pure white may be eternal, "lead", but soft and silky Silk Satin is low-key, yet gorgeous, both winding transition to show delicate sense of moving light, but also can easily draw a female perfect curves, exposure of soft, feminine. Atelier Aimee 2013 new style wedding dress heavy landing, Italy aristocratic demeanor, the interpretation of a beautiful and romantic, unique Italian passion reveals noble temperament and taste. Double shoulder strap dress can bring a special bride to feel safe. Sassy" giving away! On the day of the wedding bridesmaids often represented, bridesmaids to select from, it should be the married couple's best friend, and their behaviour should reflect the cultural quality of married couples. Skirt lace fishtail style aesthetic, course, under the designer designed the heavy industry, watched the layered hem design does make you feel like falling into a cloud, between very dreamy feeling.