• Mariamsp123


    February 20, 2015 by Mariamsp123

    Maria is a level 24 moviestar from canada msp . She also has a usa username but it is only level 11 the username is Itzciara . Maria is known mostly for her artbooks and looks her looks are girly and she wears a lot of blonde hair . She often changes her apeeriance in the beauty clinic she has had green blue and brown eyes on . She is 100% against bullying and tries to spread awarness about bullying and depresion .

    Marias name actually is not maria it is ciara also she is 13 years old . Her supporters are called team starbucks and many of them are not to fond of team gab her and her bestfriend oreocookies112  who is level 23  came up with team starbucks they will respond with love if you hate on them .   

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