This is the one and only one true story about darky

Darky is the "demon"that hunts me she is the opposite of me and she visits me every night while im sleeping and she makes my dreams nightmares .

<< Every day is the same every minute lasts an hour . This are my thoughts and who am i ? Im Darky at least this is the last thing i rememeber being called . Right now im in a cell in a lab i found taht piece of paper and a pencil so i can write what i want im in  a cell with the walls covered by pillows everyday two scientists are coming in and tie me up in some kind of weel chair and then we head to the lab .  Then they start doing experiments on me , the pain is .... but im used to it i dont scream i dont cry , i just sit there and wish to die ....but god doesnt let me . I can hear some scientists coming near i better hide this .  >>

This was her last day at the lab . What happened ? How she escaped ? Well she told me and i will tell you

Darky noticed the fear at the scientists faces as they where ending the experiment . They where quite and scared .What have they done to her ? Two scientists walked away and came back with a mirror "They are going to let me se myself"she thought . She looked at the mirror and froze . She wasnt the lettle blond and beautiful girl her hair had turn black and her skin was white her eyes where almost white too you could barely notice the ice blue colour that they used to have she was very skinny and short her lips where bloody red and her face full of carves . She got up slowly the scientists started to run , Darky was free but she wouldnt let the scientists escape . She didnt even realise that she flew over one out of the 4 scientists and choke him . She felt relived . She flew towards the other two and punched them at their hearts she opened their chests and then flew to the last scientist . He stopped runing and looked at her eyes then he mumbled "we created a monster" Darky opened his stomach and put her hand is then she looked at him with a insane smile and said " wrong awnser YOU CREATED ME " and then she took a knife and left the scientists to meet their fate . As she walked out of the lab she sat by a tree.

S - hello darky

D- how do you know my name

S- i know everything

D- what do you want

S- i want to give you a new life

D- will i be alone ?

S- you will never be alone again

Darky looked at the tall man standing by her . He looked back at her or she thought he did caue he didnt have a face it was just  white . He gave her his hand , she looked at himand took his hand then they both dissapeared in the forest