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    We are a piece of art. You are, I am, everyone and thing is. We are a part of this world and we make this world what it is today. We have dreams, dreams that can change your life and mine. You are art and we make art. Is does not matter what's outside, but what matters is what is inside. Think and do what you please, as it makes a new step into your life. What you do will always be remembered. Believe in what you wish, that's what makes you, you. Your are a work of art and you should love what you are. Whenever you are sad or depressed just remember, you are a someone, you are you and that's what makes you special.

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  • MarioVsSonicFan

    This page is for MarioVsSonicFans upcoming series on Youtube if he gets a Youtube acount.


    Luigi (Will be Replaced)



    Goomba (Might be Replaced)

    Donkey Kong



    Steve (Might Be Replaced)

    Princess Peach 

    Blue Toad


    Toon Ganondorf

    Diddy Kong



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