well today i went to sonic and my bro was soooo annoying and same with my sister o ya my bro zeke is 14 and my sister lucy is 17 and thy are just soo rude i spent my day cleaning while my bro and sis sat around watching kong fu panda 2 uuuuugh i wish i had atleast a smidge of help for once in my life. Have you ever wonderd what ife would be like if you controld what peaple said and do i would make peaple help others like if i asked zeke to clean his room he actualy would and not say "oya hang on,i sec, okay god chill" i wish peaple would just do what you ask wouldnt you.Anyways this is the first time even hereing about this web sight and even though i bother zeke about being on the computer all the time,but this is different i meam come on he spends his day just watching mine craft vidieos talk about stuidity well thats all i have right now talk to yall later bye