I was banned so many times right now for no reasons, seriously. On yandere simulator fanon chatroom, they convinced some people that stop banning me pls i have changed a half of 100 but theres someone still banning me and commanded by "Evil" Jackboog21

Jackboog21 is a Yandere simulator admin and i was banned there so many times because i put some private infos to the developer and i put some too on youtube wiki that i created but the admin of the youtube wiki just banned me for a day and how nice. Then i was changed a bit and help edit some errors and put some information on other pages like telltale games.

Then after that, i visited the yandere simulator fanon chatroom to chat people not put private things and "Evil" Jackboog21 appeared and banned me as quick as a lightning because he's terrified that i will put private infos about yandere simulator game developer.

Then, i go to just dance wiki chatroom because Jackboog21 is the chat moderator of JD wiki, i convinced some of people on the chatroom to stop banning me pls, i didn't put bad stuff in the chatroom then days later, Master Hydraffe just banned me because he was commanded too by "Evil"Jackboog21 to ban me for 2 millenia, for gods sake, why are you beginning to be insane when i appeared everywhere.

I just wanted to help me send this message to others that stop banning me and its present right now, that thing is past and forget about it, why are you all pessimistic about me putting things and i have changed pls, I'm crying right now (literally)