I (like always) forgot the username i had for this, so i had to create a new one using my gmw gmail account. But i did get to change my username so i guess that is a good thing. If anyone has any information on whether or not GMW is moving to another network, please let me know. 

Im going to be much more involved on this account than i have in the past. 

If you love Markle/Corbrina/Rucas I have a few stories that i have written on a few platforms

Wattpad (username Corbrinameetsworld: Faya Love Story, Girl Meets World Oneshots and GMW: The adventures high school brings (continuation of Faya Love Story))

Instagram: @corbrinameetsworld

Mostly pictures of GMW and corbrina moments. @marklemeetsworld

Ski Lodge Window (ill be writing more later on) 


I rarely ever use this (mainly just to follow GMW stars and Michael Jacobs) 

Tumblr: corbrinamarkle 

Again hardl ever used it but i do go on once and a while

If you really want to find me im on wattpad and instagram most of the time.