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February 28, 2013
  • Martin J Sallberg

    Just like literal trolls are mythical cryptids unsupported by empirical evidence, there is no actual support for the existence of Internet trolls as of the traditional description either. For instance, assuming that anyone expressing very unusual opinions outside the scope of traditional debate framing must do it for mere personal attention or to disturb is a fallacy from assumed motivation. What about the possibility, for example, that people are expressing unusual opinions simply because they consider it important that the opinions get known? Expressing the same opinion under different false usernames is the opposite of what would be most efficient for getting personal attention. False names, by definition, gives no personal attention. A…

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  • Martin J Sallberg

    The law of flexible problem solving is the principle that flexible problem solving finds ways to overcome problems. It means that it is not possible to have a flexible problem solving ability with fixed limits. If there is any flexible problem solving ability around, it can find ways to identify the problem and solve it. For there to be any fixed limits at all, flexible problem solving must be absolutely absent. This implies that evolution happens by removing obstacles rather than natural selection. As shown in moderating the free will debate and brain, justification and pressure to justify constitutes obstacles that must be removed, see evolutionary development in new niches and advice of ways to stop justifying. It also explains how scie…

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  • Martin J Sallberg

    This does NOT mean that all computationalists are racists. You can be a computationalist without being a racist if you either do not know the research about rapid evolution, or have not been thinking about the implications of it.

    There is evidence, especially from domestication research, showing that evolution can go very fast (and the existence of domestication also shows that the theory that human evolution should have stopped at the dawn of civilization is silly). The dog example is often explained away by the theory of dogs having exceptionally plastic genomes, but there are examples of many different animals being domesticated in fewer generations than any model of human evolution places as a minimum for how long different modern human…

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