• Martmcveigh

    Mother's Day Again (Marty McVeigh, see )
    C#maj9         Bmaj9
    It's Mother's Day again
    You ain't calling your Mom
    You don't really like her
    You never got along

    Amaj7 Bmaj7 C#maj7 She always criticized
    Decisions you made
    She wanted you successful
    You wanted to get laid

    Your room was always messy
    Your homework never done
    Just fighting for your freedom
    A war that's never won

    Hey! Give your Mom a call
    You willfull stubborn fool!
    It's been a 10-year grudge
    Stop thinking that you're cool

    So send your Mom a card
    She really loved you best
    And looked out for your interests
    So put it all to rest

    You find it hard to swallow
    You're really just like Mom
    Can you befriend her now?
    That's where I'm coming from

    A billion other kids
    Were hea…

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