Alright.  Just finished The Third Kingdom, the latest novel by Terry Goodkind, a Richard and Kalhan book.

Well, it carries the same old Goodkind overtone and I liked it.  I could have enjoyed this novel as much as I did Stones of Tears or Chainfire Seiries (not as good as Faith of the Fallen, though) if it had not been for the following factors;

1. Why did Ben have to die? I thought Cara was the symbol of Mord Sith and I want her to be happy.  I want, for example, Mord Siths of Lord Arc to know that they can be happy, too.  Maybe, understanding from the ending of this novel, Mr. Goodkind has his idea for her but maybe an ordeal is fine but I wanted Ben to live.  Besides, his death was not indispensable factor to their survival.

2. An evaluated novel of this series has a breakthrough in thought.  I mean, when Richard got an anwer to some concept, many of which pertain to Wizard's rules, he made a breakthrough, sometimes found a breach and won against the enemy.  They were too cryptic for me to see.  This time, the answer was too obvious.  Dangerous as it was, I thought he should have tried that before.  They only thing that made me unsure (a little) was the cryptic nature of Merritt's words and that was too lame as an excuse for not seeing that.

3. Finally, the reason why the Pillar of Creastion received low evaluation is that it talked about secondary characters (I would say Nicci or Zedd are not secondary characters) too much.  Now, of course in this novel they were talking about RIchard and Kahlan, they were not together and neither Zedd nor Cara nor Nicci did not appear until the end.  "Sammie" might be a good characer but the same as Richard's pristine sister, was not attractive enough as Kahlan or Nicci.  I needed them.  

4. Jagan and his empire overshadows any enemy.  Even savage predators cannot be a menace to make me fear.  

So unless next one brings me much more catharsis together with the enlightenment  that leads to victory, I should say this series should end, "they lived as happily ever after" at the end of the war and that includes Ben and Cara.  I will leave it at that for the time being until I read the next one.  Anyway, I see this novel as the midriff of the triology (at least) so my evaluation is "Let's wait and see how things pan out!"

One more thing: It is good to read about the power of young sorceress but I want to read what our war wizard is capable of with his magic if he means it!!

It is not that I hate it.  What I am saying is I have to wait until I see the "Real Ending."  It is like somebody asked me my opinion in the middle of a story.  I need to know everything, esp the ending before I make a comment.