Hello again! Masky5421 here. Time for an update. (Hints the title) A lot has happened over the week. But first I need to apologize to you guys. I think I've missed an update or two. So here's the make-up one!

  To start things off, I've gotten farther in my story. I've added a new chapter to it. YAY! Next, I've made friends with a new person. Her user name is Massager Misses Family, Friends and Quotev. If you know her, tell her that I'll try to be in chats more often. 
  Next, I'm considering on making a YouTube channel. It's not happening any time soon, but it's a thought. I'll probably be doing shout outs to my top 5 "Cool Comments" and other YouTubers. Maybe do requested speed paints? I don't know.
  Well, that's all for now. See you later.