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Wiki Theft

There's this guy, MisterGryphon, who did what could've been called stealing a wiki from me today.

So, this all started a couple months ago at the Ninjago Wiki. They told me that they had enough users ther and didn't want me to edit there. I told them that I can edit any wiki I want, and after some time of the people arguing with me, they banned me after this guy, Legodude101, who is underage, got into the argument and started accusing me of things. I may have been a little smartalecky when they told me things, but I don't really see what I did wrong compared to them not allowing me at the wiki... ...anyways, they blocked me, and about a week later, the MisterGryphon guy started to talk to me at a wiki I owned, the Ninjago Fanon Wiki. He made a plan with me.

Little did I know, the plan had another side to it.

He told me to remove my rights and give them to him, so that it would seem like I had left the Ninjago Wikias to LD101. So, after a little arguing and hesitation, I figured, you know what, this guy's trying to help me, do it. So I did, and things seemed to be going well. But then, I started to get bored with Wikia and left for about a month and a half.

Yesterday, I returned, to find that Gryphon had gotten administrator rights at the Ninjago Wiki and was going to "overthrow" Legodude101. LD101 went into a little rage and said he was leaving Wikia, and he told me that he had given me admin rights, and so I dumbly enough refreshed, only to find that he had blocked me. And Gryphon had banned me from chat at the Fanon Wiki and made LD a bureaucrat. So now, here I am, helpless, and I can't get my wiki back.

I don't have much proof, but I will dig through my computer's trash can for screenshots of what happened at the Ninjago Wiki, because I know I took some.

Thanks, MSD

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