Hello everyone! Today, I'm here to talk about making your Wikia beautiful without taking lessons from CSS masters. It can be hard to decide whether or not to heavily customize a Wikia with CSS or go with Theme Designer designs, but after reading this, I hope most of your questions are answered.

So, one of the great things about Wikia is the vast amount of customization possible on the platform. Admins can use Theme Designer to easily change large amounts of the wiki's styling, or use CSS to change the most minute detail. Almost anything that doesn't break the site or make it too awfully weird goes!

However, this can present a challenge for users looking to make their wikias truly beautiful, but have no CSS knowledge. Popular belief is that in order to make a wiki look nice, it needs 2,334,667,2 lines of CSS changing every little detail. I'm here to say this is entirely unnecessary.

I recently started the Neil Halstead Wikia. It can be found here. If you look at some of the pages, you'll notice that the headers are all a different font -- a similar one to the one on the background image for the Wikia, as well as the wordmark. This was, in fact, done with CSS, but it is only one of two things done with CSS. The other is a lyrics module making a pretty container for lyrics.

The rest of the Wiki was styled using theme designer. Yep, you heard me: wikia's in-house theme designer. Ain't that cool?

So to sum it all up, just remember... a Wiki only needs a creative admin to be beautiful. A creative admin who knows how to resize an image and change its type is also helpful, but not even necessary. All you need is basic computer literacy and creativity, and you can make your wikias sparkle.

Thanks for reading. I'll put pictures in later.