Here are my thoughts about our users here.

Ok, so, we see a lot of activity here, but who really cares about Community Central? My overview of the users is as follows. We have about 10-20 % who actually edit and care about this wiki, and do all they can to keep things in order-these are people like me, Thisismyrofl, Monchoman45, etc. etc. We all edit and keep things running smoothly. Then, there's about 30% active Staff members. They are here not only because this is a base hub of operations but also because most of their duties revolve around Central. 10% Hang out here-in fact joined here-for chat. While that's ok I suppose, it shouldn't be the purpose of wikia. The spammers, vandals, and randomizers make up about 30% of our user population. They appear faster than we can chase them away, half the time. Finally there's the last 20%, who come here occasionally and then only to edit global files and adopt wikis, with occasional questions. But to be honest, not many people care for actual wiki editing anymore. It's sad.

Now, some quotes

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore..."


"Long has my father, steward of Gondor, kept the forces of Mordor at bay, are your lands kept safe?"


Butchered quotes about the wiki:

"Nobody cares for the wikis anymore..."

"Long has the editors, editors of Wikia, kept the forces of vandals and spammers at bay, are your wikis kept safe?"