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Odd Username Acronyms

Something I've been thinking about...a lot of our users have awfully funny username acronyms. Not trying to offend anyone here, just noting them.

KentMeetsWorld-KMW. Sounds like a radio show. :p

PurpleIsGood-PIG. ....self explanatory. LOL!

OrkMarine: OM. Om nom nom.

ToaMeiko: TM. He's trademarked o3o

Master Ceadeus 27: MC27. ...hmmmm who does that remind me of...MC..Hammer? :P

LovelySweetDreamer: LSD. Another self explanatory one.

Cook me Plox: CMP...hmmmm reminds me of something, can't think of it. Sounds like an explosive tho. o.o

UkantorEX: UEX. uhh just sounds odd.

AmberTempest: AT. At where? o.O

I might add more later. But that's all for now.

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