Hi, everywikian! Today I'm going to bring up something I just heard about today: the annual WikNic, on July 6th!

This is an event that is spread out across the United States (and in the Netherlands this year, too!) where people--Wikians, Wikipedians, Wiki users and viewers in general--get together with the common Wiki community as a binding force. Each attendee can bring their own food or other items to share, and the best part: It's totally free! The list of WikNic cities can be found at and at Wikipedia:Wiknic.

So what happens at one? Truth be told, I'm just guessing! I've never been to one, but I'd love to go. But from my understanding, it's basically a massive picnic--and yes, you can bring whatever you want (below I'll post some suggestions, going off of our diverse community found here), and food (as with any picnic) is encouraged.

I (Master Ceadeus 27) am wanting to organize a WikNic in Park Hills, if enough people are interested. If you are, leave a comment stating so and say if/when you'll be able to come (preferably around July 6th!) I'm interested in doing it at Columbia Park, so if you can be in that area around July 6th, leave it in the comments! Be sure, however, not to include any personally identifying information.

Objects of Interests that one could bring

  • LARP equipment (Park Hills has a large LARP community)
  • Mobile gaming equipment (Who knows? Might find some new gaming friends!)
  • Favorite books
  • Hobby supplies (model/RC helicopters and planes are a hit at any party)
  • LIGHT sports equipment (frisbees, etc.)
  • yourself
  • Anything that is interesting enough to spark a conversation would be cool, too!


- To be added upon organization, duh. :P

Thanks! --
> Master < > Ceadeus <
21:27, July 1, 2014 (UTC)