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    It's been a while since I've written a help blog. It's good to be back! I've decided to celebrate Halloween and the Holiday Season with a new series of blogs: A User's Guide To Wikia!

    These blogs will detail various important topics as suggested by users in the comments section. The idea here is to aid users, new and old, who are unsure about an issue or want a second opinion on what action they should take. Hopefully, we will also be helping users caught up in these issues to learn what the correct response to them is, and what they should do to settle them.

    Today's topic is a somewhat obscure one, found very often on informational Wikias: edit wars. We'll be going over what it is, who they involve, and how to settle them.

    An edit war i…

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    Hi. After reading a blog by Dragonknight86, I figured "Hey, why not make one for Rammstein songs? That might be cool, actually!" So here it is.

    As Rammstein is a very popular and large band, I'm going to post at most 3 songs from each album (with the exception being Reise, Reise and possibly Mutter). If you have suggestions, post them in the comments.


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    July 1, 2014 by Master Ceadeus 27

    Hi, everywikian! Today I'm going to bring up something I just heard about today: the annual WikNic, on July 6th!

    This is an event that is spread out across the United States (and in the Netherlands this year, too!) where people--Wikians, Wikipedians, Wiki users and viewers in general--get together with the common Wiki community as a binding force. Each attendee can bring their own food or other items to share, and the best part: It's totally free! The list of WikNic cities can be found at and at Wikipedia:Wiknic.

    So what happens at one? Truth be told, I'm just guessing! I've never been to one, but I'd love to go. But from my understanding, it's basically a massive picnic--and yes, you can bring whatever you want (below I'll…

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    Hello there. Earlier today, I noticed a few messages about a chat dispute elsewhere that mentioned chat logs and screenshots as proof. As Sannse noted, both are illegitimate as proof. A large amount of users, however, don't know that or don't know why. So I would like to take some time to explain that.

    First of all, let me explain what a screenshot is. A screenshot is a picture taken by a person on a computer, game, or television, which captures the image of the screen at that moment. There are many, many programs for doing this, with the most popular of which [arguably] being PrtScr by LightShot. Most of these (LightShot especially) feature a host of editing tools. Most of these are useless for actually editing the contents of screenshots, but a…

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    Hello, everyone~ As the title suggests, in this blog I will be talking about a subject that I and some others believe needs refreshing: how the administrators on Community Central work.

    Most new users on Community Central come here for help with local issues and wikia bugs, since it is, after all, the Central wikia and the hub of all Wikia Wikis. All Help pages are stored here, and this (along with the VSTF wiki) occasionally seems like a VSTF outpost. Because of this, it is often mistaken that Community Central administrators have more power over other wikis. I would like to take some time to correct this belief.

    Firstly, it should be noted that any Administrator is just a normal user, trusted to use a few extra links and pages to keep a wi…

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