• MatatakiVillageNerd


    December 31, 2009 by MatatakiVillageNerd

    Do not edit anything that does not need to be edited. If there is a bit of incorrect information, comment on this entry, and I will give you permission to edit that bit. But you may NOT, I repeat, NOT edit anything else, unless authorized by me. I have a strict policy on using my work also. Do not use it without asking me first, and if I do give you permission, make sure you make note that MatatakiVillageNerd made that bit of work. My signature is also something I want to pick about. Do not use it. It is mine. My signature is supposed to look like this: Forever Demyx Lover, but I'm pretty sure it does not. [Stupid wikimarkup formatting] Also, do not edit these announcements. Thanks for hearing me out, readers.

    MatatakiVillageNerd out.

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