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Not only do Wikia's collaborative writing projects inspire entertaining stories rife with suspense and dramatic tension, they illustrate the collaborative spirit of Wikia's impassioned user base and the platform's unique ability to engage fans in creative ways.

Now, Wikia is trying something new to further bridge the divide between fans and creators. The Masters of Animanga project has anime and manga's most renowned figureheads providing original art, characters, and story outlines to set the stage for a trio of new collaborative writing projects. With the Masters of Animanga CWP, users aren't only collaborating with one another -- they're collaborating with the masters themselves. It's a one of a kind opportunity for fans of anime and manga to play a principal role in the creative process, transcending fan fiction to help build something striking, entertaining and -- above all -- completely original.

[TAO: Rize of the Ying-yang], the second story in Wikia's Masters of Animanga series comes courtesy of acclaimed manga artist and character designer Shin-ichi Hiromoto (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness)!

TAO: Rize of the Ying-yang has been live since Friday, September 13th, and there has already been a flurry of activity. For Part 1 of the recap, click here.

Raijichan Fuujichan Witch


When we left off on Wednesday, our team of heroes Erika and Mizuki had finally joined souls to become "Eri-Mi, Yin-Yang." Obviously, this doesn't bode well for The Legion of Swords.

ScorpionTail detailed the inner-workings of the Legion of Swords, naming five of the generals -- Claymore, Scimitar, Dao, Zweihander and Katana -- who were in the Great Forge, discussing how to deal with the Elemental Heroes' potential summoning of Eri-Mi. After sending a representative to spy on our heroes, who confirms Eri-Mi's existence for both the Legion of Swords and Urumi, the group prepares themselves for the final battle. The crew is mortified, however, upon learning that Khopesh's body was being reanimated by Urumi.

Upon returning to Skylarian City, TheReturnOfTheKing writes, they find the entire area ravaged by The Legion of Swords and Urumi. At the ruins of a holy temple, the group realizes that Urumi is trying to kill the gods and reign supreme over both the living and the spirit realms.

Sunami King moves away from the action for a moment to introduce a character named Sean, who is the Elemental Champion of Light, being discovered by a fisherman in the forest.


The action started on Thursday with VictoriousBeckFan telling of Kirasaki's spell being broken by Mibu and Eri-Mi. ChaosWyvern, ScorpionTail, and Anonymious detail a battle between Hane -- a warlord who uses the power of Aether -- Mibu, and Eugene. It eventually comes to light that Hane is not their enemy, but their ally -- another harbinger of Grey energy, the name for the strange, otherworldly power harnessed by our heroes.

Mibu's mother shows up for a moment, which stirs up a lot of emotion for our hero. VictoriousBeckFan reveals that the person posing as his mother was actually the evil temptress Hane.


Stefan brings Season back into the picture, who is searching for Hope in the marketplace. He comes across a group of monks and explains his situation to them -- and they agree to send him to the battlefield to assist our heroes in the final confrontation in Queen Urumi's castle.

The final confrontation ensues. Our heroes encounter The Temptress, who proves too powerful a foe and forces everyone to to momentarily flee to rethink their strategy.

Prepare yourself for the dramatic conclusion to TAO: Rize of the Ying-yang, scheduled to occur tomorrow morning. As always, new contributors are welcome, so get writing!