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    Hey guys, I am a user on Wikia and I am friends with Pretzel. Well here are some ideas on a way to be a good chat mod! To be honest, I hardly make any blogs... not sure why. Well I am just to lazy too, lol.

    1) This is number one be nice, users will like you if you are nice and helpful. Make users feel welcome and be friendly to newcomers.

    2) Don't be Boastful, yeah you're the chat moderator and you have rights and you can kick or/and ban users, but don't act like your higher than other user. Being like "I am a mod and I am a mod in chat" is just uncool.

    Don't also be like this: "I am the Chat Mod and I am in Charge!"

    3) Moderating chat Calmly warn a troublesome user of what they are doing wrong. Don't just kick them because they are new, everybod…

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  • Maurice.136

    Ask me Anything

    December 30, 2015 by Maurice.136

    Hey guys ask me anything here!

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  • Maurice.136

    Wiki Coding

    December 22, 2015 by Maurice.136

    Hi, This how to colour code administrator or users on your wiki, colour coding helps because well it helps new users to tell who is a admin just look for the user with a colour. You add it to MediaWiki:Wiki.CSS page. Here is a example =

    a[href="/wiki/insert user name here"] { color:red !important; font- !important; }

    Also this is how you make your user name bold-

    a[href="/wiki/insert user name here"] { color:blue; font-weight:bold !important; }

    You can also customize your coding with font and other cool things.

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  • Maurice.136

    STAR WARS Trivia

    July 5, 2015 by Maurice.136

    Who loves Star Wars well if you love it so much do you know this:

    (Note Incomplete)

    • BBY means Before the Battle of Yavin
    • Echo survived the citadel
    • Supreme Chancellor Valorum's personal aide during his time in office was Sai Teria.
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