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The Star Wars Rebels Wiki is a collaborative growing database of Star Wars Rebels. It was founded on May 2013, and has over 600 high quality articles.

Founded in May of 2013, this community was created by the fans, for the fans, and is dedicated to housing a useful and informative database for all subject matter related to the Disney-Lucasfilm animated series Star Wars Rebels.

Our Wikia, aims to get a collaborative and ever growing Rebels database, which we strive in covering all of Star Wars Rebels.

The wiki has came a long way in terms of quality and quantity, but still has ways to go, we hope to improve that!

What is Star Wars Rebels??

We're not exactly anything. A crew. A team. In some ways, a family.
~ Sabine Wren, to Ezra Bridger.

Star Wars Rebels is an American animated television series, produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation for Disney XD.

On the planet Lothal, an oppression has fallen over the residents of Capital City, at the hands of the Empire. Among these residents is a force-sensitive 14-year old, named Ezra Bridger. Following the sudden disappearance of his parents, Ezra was left an orphan. Ezra eventually took up residence in an abandoned tower, and resorted to stealing to survive. This thievery extended to the Empire, whom he would occasionally steal helmets from.

One day, Ezra encountered the crew of the Ghost, a group of rebels. The group was led by Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi in hiding. Interested, Ezra watched as the rebels secretly sabotaged an Imperial speeder, before stealing some supplies. Ezra then attempted to steal the supplies for himself, unsuccessfully. Ezra eventually joins the crew of the Ghost, leaving his life as a street rat behind.

It isn't long before Kanan learns of Ezra's force potential. Kanan offers to train Ezra in the ways of the force, to Ezra's approval. Overtime, the Ghost's crew forms the foundation of the Rebellion, striking blows against the Empire. Unfortunately, the rebels are being tracked down by an Imperial ISB agent, named Kallus. In addition to Kallus, the crew is also being pursued by The Inquisitor, also known as the Jedi hunter.

How can I help??

The More the Merrier
~ Ezra Bridger to Ahsoka Tano

At the Star Wars Rebels Wiki, we are always open to help, and new contributors to help grow our database. You can help out, by creating articles, fixing pages and lots more. Just make sure your contributions are in line with our Policies and Guidelines. You can also have some fun on the forums, talking about theories and other stuff regarding the show with our Wikians.

I need some help??

Well have no fear, we have a team of administrators (don't worry they don't bite :P). They're always happy to help new comers. Just leave them a message, and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Administrator Description


Message Wall

Greetings Users, I am Alex2424121 (Also known as Alex) I am British and I have a massive interest in media such as the history, the inspiration and the secrets that were never known.

I have good eyes when tracking down mistakes in spelling or sentences. Making them letter perfect.

I always prefer to keep my facts and writings true, simple and understandable, requiring not to display too much or jump to conclusions. Sudden facts and rumours that are yet to be proven true causes confusion and judgement in my opinion.



Message Wall

Berserker2013 I began editing the Rebels Wiki on July 22, 2014. At the time, I had only previously edited the RAGE Wiki, on which I am an Administrator. Strangely, it was actually the Wiki that got me into the show, rather than vice versa. Since then, I have accumulated over 2K edits, and have been promoted to a very respectable rank.

My interest in Star Wars began long ago, when I was a small child. Since then, I have gone on to discover more than just the Prequels, such as the Original Trilogy, The Force Unleashed video game series, The Clone Wars animated series, and, of course, Rebels.



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My name is Byzantinefire i am a user on the Disney Wiki and i have also founded 3 wiki's and adopted 5.

I am a fan of Star Wars which is currently owned by Disney and on a side note i hope to collect users from various wiki's to edit on the Disney Wiki if they have the time i have also listed users from other wiki's who have cached my eye and who i think might be good for Disney Wiki.



Message Wall

Hello there, I am Maurice.136 commonly known as Maurice and I am a Admin here on the wiki. I am from Canada and am an MAJOR Star Wars fan.

I have been a Star Wars fan for a long time and Rebels is my second favourite Star Wars television series (The Clone Wars is my first) though I was initially skeptical of the series considering Disney bought Lucasfilm and branded the EU and non-canon.

As an administrator here I will do my best of my abilities. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave me a message on my wall and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

"This blog was written partly by the contributors of Star Wars Rebels Wiki"

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