Hey guys, I am a user on Wikia and I am friends with Pretzel. Well here are some ideas on a way to be a good chat mod! To be honest, I hardly make any blogs... not sure why. Well I am just to lazy too, lol.

1) This is number one be nice, users will like you if you are nice and helpful. Make users feel welcome and be friendly to newcomers.


2) Don't be Boastful, yeah you're the chat moderator and you have rights and you can kick or/and ban users, but don't act like your higher than other user. Being like "I am a mod and I am a mod in chat" is just uncool.

Don't also be like this: "I am the Chat Mod and I am in Charge!"

3) Moderating chat Calmly warn a troublesome user of what they are doing wrong. Don't just kick them because they are new, everybody makes mistakes. Unless it is lots of spam then yes, kick them. When they join back tell them why they were kicked is fine.

4) Assume Good Faith If a user accidently spoils a film or upcoming episode of a show don't ban them immediately, Just give them a friendly warning unless of course they do it on purpose then by all means ban them.

5) Be mindful If you don't disagree with someone and you and them start a fight with you just try to agree to disagree. If they don't stop fighting then you may kick or ban but just try to be diplomatic in situations.


6) Follow the rules also Yeah sure you are a chat mod but you must follow the rules also. You aren't the dictator of the chat merely a user with some extra buttons to ensure the chat's security.

And just remember to have fun also, Maurice out!