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This is my Second Blog, lol I am not that great at blogs. As you probably have known or don't know me, I just am a MAJOR Wikia addict, plus I love helping here at Central. So moving on, When you make a Wikia you always want to include a list of Policies and Guidelines.

This ensures the wiki, and It also prevents vandals from having an excuse and hopefully educates some of the newer users. Now when you create it, keep some simple things that should always be mandated like NO vandalism, spam, swearing and etc... Most wikia's probably have No Duplicate photos, no fanfiction (unless it is a fanfiction wiki lol), article format and all around have fun.


Usually you should point them and have the rules like on the wiki navigation and when you give them warnings, you should remind them of it "like it is a violation of the policies and guidelines".

Generally, you should set up rules, when you start the wiki, it can help user a lot.

You should also maybe take some ideas from the Community Central guidelines: Community Central Guidelines.

And this is the end, well Cheers, to the folks with making there wiki policies and all the best!

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