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Maverick Alverez

aka Maverick

  • I live in Norlisk
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is Animation designer
  • I am Male
  • Maverick Alverez

    The lyrics to a good song so enjoy listening to it on the album. This goes to Sonny,Wuv,Marcos,And Traa

    No one knows what goes on inside of your head, And everything seems to be o.k., Your the same,your the same, As you've always been,your the same, If I had sinned would you have talked to me, I don't wanna let you down, But I can't even pick up myself, I only wanted to make you proud, But I can't do this anymore, When did this crowded room get so lonely, And everyone keeps looking at me, I'm tired,so tired, Of faking my life,faking my life, I'm so tired I dont wanna feel this way, I don't wanna let you down, But I can't even pick up myself, I only wanted to make you proud, But I don't think I can do this anymore, Do this anymore, And you n…

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  • Maverick Alverez

    Blaze and the lost wolves is an old legend of the lost seven eon emeralds in the dead dimension where the wolves tend to the souls of others the seven have kenisis as blaze is the only one of the seven not a wolf this is obviously from Sonic as Blaze the cat has pyrokenisis. The wolves have a leader called Maverick Alverez as my name in Russian not to hog it is true and he has electrokenisis. The others are vibrakenisis of sound, phsykenisis of phsycic, aurakenisis of obviously aura, cryokenisis of frost, and telekenisis of gravity. The leader has a gift from all of them a guitar that can make any sound, the ability to see aura to detect lies, invincibility to frost and fire, severely quick speed that he can defy gravity, and control of li…

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