Blaze and the lost wolves is an old legend of the lost seven eon emeralds in the dead dimension where the wolves tend to the souls of others the seven have kenisis as blaze is the only one of the seven not a wolf this is obviously from Sonic as Blaze the cat has pyrokenisis. The wolves have a leader called Maverick Alverez as my name in Russian not to hog it is true and he has electrokenisis. The others are vibrakenisis of sound, phsykenisis of phsycic, aurakenisis of obviously aura, cryokenisis of frost, and telekenisis of gravity. The leader has a gift from all of them a guitar that can make any sound, the ability to see aura to detect lies, invincibility to frost and fire, severely quick speed that he can defy gravity, and control of lightning and sound from his own power with the ability of talking through minds. They foresaw that Silver was going to betray Blaze and the others so they hired Solaris to mess things up and when Solaris died the Rapture of the howling moon reset time to when everything was a cell except for the wolves who failed to stop the void to consume everything as the void took form of a person to fight the wolves before the Rapture and failed to fight them. Solaris ended up having absorbed their powers and had a gravitational field that pulled the dimensions together the Wolves have no feild of strength to take the power from him as their leader is the prince of all dimensions and marries Blaze when the void suffocates everything. After years A man named Cairokon convinces Silver to kill Blaze and his child which he keeps super secret and he delivers it to Blaze and the messenger was Mav he was unaware after trillions of years and blindly delivered a message to Blaze that caused a problem as Cairokon stole the sol emeralds and eventually they returned to Blaze. Cairokon defeated he went to the dead dimension with Mav to find the other wolves going insane with blood everywhere. Solaris head been at the top of the dimension with the other dimensions inside that one. The only way to stop this is the Void Mav and the wolves calmed down and talked and they settled on the fact if they go back and stop themselves from hiring Solaris they will come back and the void will have swallowed everything and if they just killed Solaris the void can push everything up and destroy it, if they howled to cause a Rapture the void will destroy it all. This caused Mav to go rogue and defy everything. As the void came he slaughtered the void in demand of help as the void tricked him to destroy all of it Blaze Kissed Mav and the void destroyed everything as they kissed a glimmer came off of Mav's amulet which was a diamond and the void disappeared after they where gone everything was in ruins nothing living was there "The wolves are lost again..." no bodies, no souls, no signs of life except the ruins,the diamond, and the jewel on Blaze's forehead. "...If you lose control of your life a void in it appeares never let go of control."