Ok so first things first my name is maya i love watching animes and one of my favorits is RWBY (said ruby) by rooster teeth. Their are 4 Seasons to RWBY all of witch i have watched to be carful for spoilers! This blog is about who and why i ship characters in rwby.......................

My first ship is White Rose..... a ship between ruby rose and wiess shnee. I like this ship for many reasons such as Ruby and Wiess did not get alone AT ALL in season one but they have gotten better over time.

My second ship is Renora a ship between my to favorit people who happen to go way back.......... They are so cute together WILL NOT TOGETHER TOGETHER ( a show refrense) but you can tell Nora loves Ren and Ren might to be hes to secretive to know much about.

My 3rd ship is Arkos... i think one of the top ships between Pyrrah and Jaune .... its not a relistic ship anymore because Pyrrah passed away but its still cute.....the ship is theirt to last names to together (Nikos and Arc)

My last one is...... Bumblebee..... and ship that has to do with Yang and Blake to female people who are almost completely diffrent...... a cat girl and a girl with a temper!