• McCarthyinv


    September 23, 2013 by McCarthyinv

    Hello people, i am kristen and i did a little of my blog be adding stuff or redoing it. well thats all.

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  • McCarthyinv

    Hi, Welcome to My Blog.

    September 22, 2013 by McCarthyinv

    Hi this my new blog.

    I am McCarthyinv/Kristen and i am going to talk about random stuff. Well, not really random. (i might not spell good) I can get bored quick, i have one cat and one kitten, i had a dog that died at the age 21, i love animals, i love pie, i like soccer and basket ball sometimes tennis, i love camping with troup 985, i have one step brother vincent/vince, i have a pet cray fish, i like to make up songs sometimes, i like to go siplining, i am not good and writing blogs, i love hiking while taking pitchers, i don't spell good, i love drawing, i want to be an artest, i play minecraft, i make epic failers on minecraft, i hate it when people call me danielle, and i like lots of other stuff.

    Oh yeah i play chatlands games too.


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