Hey! I am new here! I was introduced to this website by my friend! Anyway, I kind of have some experience with blogs... lets just say when I get lonely I have this weird habit of writing about my life. :P Well I guess it's not that weird after all a lot of people do that! But the reason I am writing this is because I just want to introduce myself. Here are some weird facts about me!                    

1. I love GAMES! As you can probably tell from my username! :P (Especially Minecraft which is what MC stands for!)

Minecraft Skin

My Minecraft skin... :P

  2. I am a girl who loves having fun... I am mostly known as a clumbsy clown who loves making text faces! :D   -_-

3. I am shy at first with new people but once I actually know them well... lets just say that person may die from my hugs and laughter.

4. My favorite color is BLUE especially the dark midnight blue. (Even though the sky looks black to me at midnight. O_o)

5. I love watching videos. I am not sure about this. I just love watching having fun because it just makes me laugh. I guess laughs ARE really contagious!

6. My favorite movies are The Hunger Games and Catching Fire!                                                                                   

7. My favorite characters in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are: Finnick, Boggs, Clove, and Wiress. :P           

Well that should be it for now... I type pretty slow. This took me like 8 minutes. Now that I think about I actually type pretty fast. :O I have a lot to share about my intersting, weird life.

If you are still here and not sleeping then CONGRATULATIONS! *Gives virtual trophy*