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  • MeerkatMario

    Hey there, this is MeerkatMario, and I'm telling you about how wikis here at Wikia look like in Monobook. Some wikis fill in all the Monobook.css blanks, which makes for a good appearance (e.g. Wikia Community Central, Kirby, Fantendo, SuperMarioGlitchy4). However, for other wikis, except them to appear one of two ways:

    • Nothing changed, just plain Wikia logo and white theme (e.g. SuperMarioLogan, Taz-Mania, TaleSpin, Stitchipedia, Sabrina: the Animated Series)
    • Nothing changed except for the logo (e.g. Five Nights at Freddy's, Yume Nikki, Oggy, Space Goofs, Disney, American Dragon: Jake Long, Ideas, Phineas and Ferb, Ice Age, Danger Mouse)

    I was just wondering if we could fill in the blanks for most of these wikis so they have everything chang…

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  • MeerkatMario

    Presumably my first blog post on Wikia Community Central

    How do you change the Monobook navigation list like they have on wikis such as Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki (that one has statistics added onto the list, unlike other wikis)? And this one (has a Help and a Request section and a modified Navigation section)?

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