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aka MD80W

  • I live in Good ol Pennsylvania
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is Now with over 16k edits on autopedia. Favorite youtuber=Shmee150
  • I am Male
  • MegaDriver80Wiki

    Hi, I'm bored and wants to answer questions. Ask me anything. Same things like last time apply to this. Feel free to ask any type of question

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  • MegaDriver80Wiki

    I'm rather upset/ disappointed that I still am not allowed to edit on rr3 wiki. Below is what one of the admins in the wiki rom said

    In all honesty and even though it's probably not the reply you're hoping for, it's probably best things stay this way for a while longer. I've seen some improvements, but not enough, through your grammar/spelling/syntax/format in comments, but you are still lacking.

    Two recent examples of inaccuracies are the fact you simply didn't understand that the GiN price for the 2014 RSR was incorrect, as well as your replies to Michael on the GiN post regarding the LaFerrari.

    These are just two small examples, there are more.

    To break down the two aforementioned, the GiN price of the 911 was only relevant during the sale …

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  • MegaDriver80Wiki

    Ask Mega questions

    December 30, 2015 by MegaDriver80Wiki

    Ask me any question. Just make sure the question is Appropriate for me to answer. Feel free to ask me for example : how many wikis have you contributed to? I'll try to respond fast to it. You can ask me more than one question. Just make sure you don't say the same thing in your previous question. I'll do my best to answer all questions. And that's it for the rules. Feel free to ask me whatever type of question it is.

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  • MegaDriver80Wiki

    Wikia survey

    December 27, 2015 by MegaDriver80Wiki

    As the title suggests this is a survey.

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  • MegaDriver80Wiki

    Help this is something serious that real racing 3 wiki admins RomGuyony and RR3 Micheal P have told me not to edit or they'll start banning me for 1 day and more. They said I'm allowed to comment and post stuff in the forums but not edit. To me this feels like they don't want me to almost do nothing. They said that if I improve my grammar spelling and punctuation improves they will review. They just want me to be on the benefit side of things. They gave me a warning stating that if I continue to edit after the warning bans will insue starting at 1 day and doubling after that. I need you to message them on their message walls. the link to Rom's and Michael's profiles are right below https://r…

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