I'm rather upset/ disappointed that I still am not allowed to edit on rr3 wiki. Below is what one of the admins in the wiki rom said

In all honesty and even though it's probably not the reply you're hoping for, it's probably best things stay this way for a while longer. I've seen some improvements, but not enough, through your grammar/spelling/syntax/format in comments, but you are still lacking.

Two recent examples of inaccuracies are the fact you simply didn't understand that the GiN price for the 2014 RSR was incorrect, as well as your replies to Michael on the GiN post regarding the LaFerrari.

These are just two small examples, there are more.

To break down the two aforementioned, the GiN price of the 911 was only relevant during the sale and does not apply in normal time. Ask yourself: why would FM give players the opportunity to unlock a car worth 650 Icon Gold

for the measly sum of 260 Icon Gold? What sense would that make? The only time that made sense was when it was on sale for 260 Icon Gold, they were kind enough to offer GiN at the same price as the sale (this doesn't happen anymore). As for the LaFerrari, trying to understand what you mean is very difficult and you appear confused and/or baffled at seemingly innocuous facts. You start by saying the price is "identical", when Michael asked how 790 and 800 (the two different prices offered) were identical, you replied saying there was a "10 gold price difference". It is clear that there is a difference of 10 between 790 and 800, which is why the two numbers are not identical...

I could list more reasons, but I just do not think it's necessary. Some of your contributions, before, were ok. However, the majority of them had something wrong with them and I just do not think you either understand why they weren't beneficial, or have improved enough to contribute positively.

To me the admins on there aren't still ready for me to start editing again. To me that's cruel because they're taking away my freedom to edit on there >:(. Im still allowed to comment on there but no editing till I have permission to. That's not even fair. The only thing their trying to accomplish is making me mad. It's behond annoying with nothing to do on there. And that's dumb.