Hi, I'm Megy Teckhonia -- adoptive founder of the To Heart Wiki since March 27, 2017. For about nearly 4 years since the wiki was founded by the Fandom user GIR556 on November 25, 2013, but as of 2014 it was inactive. Right now, we have aren't enough editors (four active editors) and admins (we only have two -- me and Gensomura) here since the wiki's inactivity. So we need more editors that are got into the To Heart, a visual novel and anime.

Things needed to do there

While we still having some finishing touches to our wiki, we are still having more content to add on the said wiki such as:

  • Wiki guidelines
  • Character infoboxes for character pages
  • Episode pages
  • Revamped Main Page
  • Community Portal
  • Wiki background
  • Song pages (the songs used for the openings and ending in To Heart franchise)
  • To Heart game articles
  • Forum discussions
  • ...and more.

Since I got a little time-consuming for some work in real life, we need to recruit the editors going to this wiki in order to make more information about the franchise. Let me know if you have any suggestive improvements!