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  • Meighan

    Goodbye, Fwends

    February 23, 2012 by Meighan

    Hello friends,

    I'm going to be leaving Wikia next week. I thought what better way to tell you than in a blog post. That way we can say proper goodbyes in the comments!

    I came on board last April, with no knowledge of how wikis work. I really had no idea what wiki-culture was all about, but it fascinated me from the get-go. In the 10 months that I've been here -- you all have taught me so much. And so graciously and with good humor. You guys make me laugh all of the time and I am so grateful for that. This has been one of the most fun jobs I've ever had.

    I'll truly miss working everyday with you guys. It's been an awesome experience to see you support each other in your wiki endavors all over the site and on Founder. I think though, my favorite h…

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  • Meighan

    Everyday we have new users joining Wikia who are excited to share their knowledge and get involved in the many communities we have here — which is awesome! But let's face it, if you aren't already familiar with wiki editing — building a wiki can be a little daunting for your everyday newbie. We'd like to make building and creating wikis less difficult for new users.

    As the Community Manager of Founder Experience, I spend a lot of time thinking about how we can help newbie founders and make their lives easier here at Wikia. Everyday, I talk to our users about how we can make this happen and see what they think. Back in October I had a conversation with Cook Me Plox from the RuneScape wiki about this very issue: helping newbies. He mentioned …

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  • Meighan

    I have some great news for you: Today we’ve removed the fixed light or dark theme on both the Admin Dashboard and the Editor.

    It's important and necessary for you as communities to have your own look and feel. You have all worked really hard to define and make your wikis unique. And one good way to do this is through your own local color theming. So as of this morning, you'll see your Admin Dashboard and Editor pull in your wiki's customized colors.

    For those of you who are new on the scene, here's some background: earlier this year we rolled out the Wikia Editor and the Admin Dashboard. Both of these features had a universal color theme (Admin Dashboard having both light and dark theming depending on the color of your wiki) which separated …

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  • Meighan

    Last month we kicked off a series called Wiki Wisdom. It's a series where we share and highlight great user blog posts we read on Wikia. As a community, Wikia collects so much knowledge — our goal is to give shout-outs to well written, informative, and thoughtful blog posts.

    In today's post, we're highlighting RRabbit42's help page Dealing with Vandalism and Spam. It was written on the Phineas and Ferb Wiki, but has a boatload of helpful and valuable tips for dealing with trolls or vandals.

    At one point or another in our Internet lives, we all come into contact with a troll or a vandal. RRabbit42 offers calm and helpful advice. The post gives a few definitions, explains why people troll and vandalize, and then details how to handle yourself …

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  • Meighan

    We see users offering help and support in a variety of ways all over Wikia — through editing, comments, forums, etc. Blogs are an especially great way to offer guidance to the community. It's always inspiring to stumble upon blogs where users have taken a moment to share their experience or knowledge so that other users can learn from them. What better way to acknowledge these blog posts than to highlight them in a guest blog series called "Wiki Wisdom" on Founder & Admin Central?

    To kick off our very first installment, we're spotlighting a blog post by Tagaziel (The Vault, Command & Conquer wiki, S.T.A.L.K.E.R wiki, Prototype wiki), who wrote a very insightful and sharp piece about translating skills one learns and does on wikis to "Volunt…

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