Hello friends,

I'm going to be leaving Wikia next week. I thought what better way to tell you than in a blog post. That way we can say proper goodbyes in the comments!

I came on board last April, with no knowledge of how wikis work. I really had no idea what wiki-culture was all about, but it fascinated me from the get-go. In the 10 months that I've been here -- you all have taught me so much. And so graciously and with good humor. You guys make me laugh all of the time and I am so grateful for that. This has been one of the most fun jobs I've ever had.

I'll truly miss working everyday with you guys. It's been an awesome experience to see you support each other in your wiki endavors all over the site and on Founder. I think though, my favorite has to be chat. Watching you help each other build your wikis; offering tips of what's good for a wiki and what's not. Oh and not to mention laughing with you in there -- talking about ponies and asking you politely to stop using all caps. ;)

Even though you all belong to different communities on different wikis, you each make up such an integral part of our community here on Central. It's such a unique and fun place, I will truly miss it. It's been such a cool experience to become a part of your community. Thank you for welcoming me.

Just so you know I'll be passing off all of my duties, Founder Central, AST, the Getting Started Guides, etc to the Community Support team. Wikia is still committed to supporting and helping founders and admins. You'll just see these things shifted, and changed a bit. But they'll still be there for you. I hope you'll continue to help them grow.

So where am I going? I'll be heading to where I'll be surfacing content, supporting users and helping to build their communities. It was a hard decision to leave Wikia and I'm sad to go but I leave with great memories!

You guys can reach me on twitter or keep an eye out for me on my personal blog . Thank you for all of the laughs.

I'll miss you guys!