I have some great news for you: Today we’ve removed the fixed light or dark theme on both the Admin Dashboard and the Editor.

It's important and necessary for you as communities to have your own look and feel. You have all worked really hard to define and make your wikis unique. And one good way to do this is through your own local color theming. So as of this morning, you'll see your Admin Dashboard and Editor pull in your wiki's customized colors.

For those of you who are new on the scene, here's some background: earlier this year we rolled out the Wikia Editor and the Admin Dashboard. Both of these features had a universal color theme (Admin Dashboard having both light and dark theming depending on the color of your wiki) which separated them as tool spaces from the rest of your wiki experience rather than pulling in the local theme customization. We originally did this because we thought this was an important visual distinction from the rest of your wiki for you as editors and admins.

So, why the change? Basically, the universal theming just wasn’t working for you (or us, to be honest). We know our contributors wanted a seamless theme experience across all sections of their wikis — not just the content areas.

We understand and realize that the benefits of this customization for you and your community are vital. You didn't like it. You told us why. And we agreed.

Enjoy your new/old digs!

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