The story started off when me and my dad were driving. The traffic was SO BAD, even Melanie fans in other cars were crying! I was angry at the moment. I thought I was gonna be late. But then, the cars started going and moving fast. Very fast! When we got to the concert, we came in the line to wait. ALL THE PEOPLE LOVED MY OUTFIT! I felt so proud of myself. I was wearing a doll dress, a Cry Baby bib, and a lighting up pacifier. I wore earings that said "Baby" on it. I met A LOT of Melanie fans in line! They were so nice. Anyway, we went into the vinue, and I could not see the stage because I am very tiny. lol. So, we went to the private party area. I was high up above and I could see from below. I could also see the stage cleary. When Melanie came out of the crib, I acually peed my pants and cried. I could not beileve it! The ice cream man was so cute tbh. The video I posted was deleted off my You Tube because my account is gone. But it was a great expirients though.
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Here is the concert picture.