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User blog:Melon-sama/Kiri's Ultra Adorable Kawaii Questions Part 2


Kiri's Ultra Adorable Kawaii Questions Part 2

Melon-sama November 11, 2015 User blog:Melon-sama

1. What's your favorite video game?

2. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

3. Do you have a least favorite Anime (skip if you don't watch anime)

4. Do you read Manga?

5. Favorite Band?

6. Favorite Movie?

7. Favorite book?

8. Favorite soda?

9. Favorite snack?

10. Favorite Show?

11. Favorite sport?

12. What's your lucky number ♣

13. Pink or Black? (analogy from a vocaloid song)

14. Favorite Vocaloid Song?

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