iPhone has a million plus apps to offer to its users, from which a few thousands would be games; and choosing a couple of must haves or the must try games from that list is quite a task. After all, you can’t try each and every game until you know which one is the best. To make it easy for you, here, we have brought before you a list of must have iOS games. If you are not yet any iOS user the grab the chance to get an iPhone from Survey Reward. For now, let's jump into the amazing iOS games.

7. Super Hexagon

This is an abstract and a super fast game, where surviving for even as a long as 1 minute straight is no less of an achievement. The game is a repitive game which begins at the same point at every level, but the level of difficulty keeps increasing with each of the stages; all to the sound of pulsating music. Super Hexagon is one game which has indeed taken mobile gaming to a different level and stance.

6. The Room Two

Though the game is a sequel to another game, The Room; except for its name, The Room Two is one of its kind as the player has to make his way from one room into the other leading to the next level with unlocking the locks. The story remains, but as one progresses in the game, it is sheer logic and novel solutions that will help the player to get through. The game has been constructed with utmost perfection as the sound, graphics and entire ambience enhance the user experience.

5. Where’s my water

Now this is one game which is real fun and at the same time does require some brains and logic. This game is only a matter of time, once you get the basic idea and functioning behind the game, it is a kids play. All you need to is direct the path of the water by different means until you trigger all the levers and finish the level.

4. Threes

Threes is one addictive and time consuming game. All you’ve got to do is to swipe the number in one of the four directions hoping to match two numbers to create their sum. With each level, the techniques become only difficult but once you have got the hang of it, you will always be stuck up on the cycle of ‘one more game.’

3. Device 6

A combination of some adventure and text is what this game must be rightly called, but that would be underrated; Device 6 is full of mysteries and is indeed one amazing game for all touch devices. Perfect game for all those interested in typography and visuals!

2. Hearthstone

Now this is something. For all those who are interested in strategic card games, nothing can be better than this for you. This game is indeed a lot of strategy; with cards drawn carefully, game strategized in advance and moves well planned. You have the ball in your court!

1. Pokemon GO 

This super trending game needs no explaination that how cool is this. The world just gone crazy to be Pokemon trainer via this newly released real world game named Pokemon Go. You can find Pokemon creatures around you and can catch them. Later you can use them to fight a battle or trade them as well.

And that was about the list of iOS games every iPhone owner must play at least once! Happy gaming!