• Mercedes1229

    a little easter cheer!

    February 18, 2013 by Mercedes1229

    hi  everybody its Mercedes1229  last time i wrote a blog called a little christmas cheer now I'm writing a  blog called a little easter cheer! First im gonna show you how to make a wiki if you didin't read my other blog first go on a yahoo if you have one log in as you go to search web and google nickelodeon wiki if you  search it on google it wont come up so search it on yahoo if ya have one  when your on the nickelodeon wiki look at some blogs so you can get imformation and tips how to make your wiki better. Next go on the far left go up and  press start a wiki name it give it a genera.Then you can costumize it for holidays or speacial events just go to the far right go way down click the black arrow and press on tools. If you wanna deco‚Ķ

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  • Mercedes1229

    a little christmas cheer

    December 24, 2012 by Mercedes1229

    hello everybody  its mercedes1229   and im gonna give you a little  hint of how to decorate or make a wikia first if you have a yahoo log in as you and search web because if you search this on google it wont show  so search web for  nickelodeon wikia  then read blogs to get tips for you wikia then go to your far but near left and click on start a wiki name it then give it a genera then decorate it fot holidays or speacial events by using my tools go to your far right down and click on the black arrow  pick the colors of healines and many other trees for christmas hearts for valentines day and many others i hope this is helpful if you have any questions or concerns comment below of talk to me on my talk page byE! 

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    selena gomez

    October 4, 2012 by Mercedes1229

    hello everybody its mercedes1229 here with a articale about selena gomez i bet you read my articale bieber fever! well on comments everybody like selena gomez the best now im doing an artical on selena gomez so here it is! everybody knows selena gomez was a actor and guest star on suite life on deck with zack and cody and hannah montana.she also got the role as playing alex russo on wizerds of waverly place! selena gomez was born on July 22 1992! selena is 20 years old and is dating celeberty star justin bieber! her zodiac sign is cancer. selena is a very great singer!

    Hope you all enjoyed! comment any time By:Mercedes1229!

    Question is selena a good singer

    Question did i do a good job on my artical????? BYE!!!!!!

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  • Mercedes1229

    hello everybody! todays article is about halloween costume tips!

    if its a toddler dress them in tinker'bell,hello kitty,for girls : Elmo, pumpkin for boys

    if its a kid 5 -10 hannah montana ,monster high for girls super hero's, hippi's for boys

    if its a teenager 15-19 candy costumes for girls hippi's for boys

    if its an adult any age do whatever you want anything at all if you get candy get any candy they are all good! Bye

    Question - what kind of candy do you like

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