hi  everybody its Mercedes1229  last time i wrote a blog called a little christmas cheer now I'm writing a  blog called a little easter cheer! First im gonna show you how to make a wiki if you didin't read my other blog first go on a yahoo if you have one log in as you go to search web and google nickelodeon wiki if you  search it on google it wont come up so search it on yahoo if ya have one  when your on the nickelodeon wiki look at some blogs so you can get imformation and tips how to make your wiki better. Next go on the far left go up and  press start a wiki name it give it a genera.Then you can costumize it for holidays or speacial events just go to the far right go way down click the black arrow and press on tools. If you wanna decorate for holidays and speacial events go ahead if ya dont its ok. even if your not costumizing for holidays or speacial events you should still have color so you attract people but still if you dont want to then you dont have to.Last for easter you can  look up images of bunnys easter baskets eggs and upload them on your computer to dectorate also put  a pink blue orange yellow back round make it cheerful! people wanna see ya creative  you can do any images of easter  stuff thats just  or any color backround i just gave examples! i hope this wiki blog is very helpful 

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