Hi there. My name is Amanda, and I'm fairly new to this. XD

  I came here by recommendation of a friend, and so far, I have not the slightest clue as to what I am doing. I've gotten lost, like, five-six times. 

  I kind of just wanted to make an introduction to who I am, and what I hope to accomplish on this site. 

  First off, my name is Amanda. I am fifteen, I come from ON, Canada and I enjoy things like reading, writing, gaming (only with my boyfriend, though XD), spending time outdoors with my rabbit, going out with friends, staying online, and binge-watching TV shows. 

  My appearance: I am 5"3, short brown hair (up to my shoulders), I have hazel colored eyes and pale skin. 

  Here, you will find stuff about all the fandoms I am in. Those include; Warriors, Gravity Falls, DnD, Disney, Manga, Anime, Beauty and the Beast and more. 

  Hope to make some new friends and get to know some great people. Thanks for reading. :)

-Amanda, aka Meredith The Elf