Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long delay in my activity, I kinda.. Lost my account? XD Well, I didn't lose it. I forgot the password, UNTIL!!! I logged into my laptop, and boom. My Wikia was restored to me. Anyways, this is an update post on how I'be been/Where I've been. 

Anyways. I am now sixteen, WOO! I am in summer school at the moment, and I'm taking a Maths course. Doing well actually. So far my average is 84% so that's good. I have a friend in my class, and sit next to a funny guy. So that's a laugh, haha. XD

That's about all I've been doing. Except for the usual, of course. Which is; drawing, reading, writing and being a lazy pig. XD

Hope you're well. Bye for now. 

--Meredith The Elf (Amanda)