Metacon Star

aka Abheet Gupta

  • I live in Delhi, India
  • I was born on August 25
  • I am Male
  • Bio Marvel freak, X-men lover and DC is good. GOT is awesome. Vikings is equally good.
    Name - Who cares? Lol
    Age - 18
    Call me - Metacon, Meta, AG or Abh99
    Hobbies - Singing, football, watching movies and remain updated.
    Contact me -
    Youtube channel : Marvelfreaksters
    Follow me on Twitter: @Abheet235
    Instagram : metacon_star
    Joined Marvel wiki - 4th jan 2017


    My favourites:

    1. Superhero - Thor, Adam Warlock and Franklin Richards

    2. Superhero in MCU - Captain America

    3. X-men - Wolverine

    4. Villain (MCU) - Thanos, hela and killmonger

    5. Villain (X-men) - Magneto

    6. Movie (MCU) - Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    7. Actors - RDJ, Chris Evan and Benedict Cumberbatch, Chria Hemmsworth

    8. TV series - Daredevil and legion

    9. TV superhero - Daredevil, Punisher

    1. Superhero - Batman

    2. Villain - Joker

    3. Movie - The Dark Knight trilogy

    4. Actor - Christian Bale, Heath Ledger

    My self created character :- Metacon Star

    Team Affiliation - The Avengers since 2025.

    Alter ego - Drake Carey

    Age - 19

    Intelligence - 5
    Speed while flying - 4
    Durability - 6
    Metal control - 7
    Electricity projection - 5
    Skills - 3


    A boy suffered from an accident resulting in pieces of broken metal entering inside his body.
    For his treatment and removing the metal pieces, he underwent a MRI scan and suddenly a power cut occurred but he was already inside the machine.
    A few minutes later, the power came back but somehow the machine was overcharged and delivered a current of 220 Volts along with magnetic resonance directly into his bare body and he was roasted.

    Naturally, everybody over there, thought he was dead. But then his body started to heal itself and when he woke up the world was all the more different for him.

    He was able to control any metal and even control electricity (not lightening). He was amazed to do so and adopted the name Metacon Star - Meta from metal and Con from controller and Star is his symbol of choice.

    He later joined the Avengers in 2025 after the battle with Thanos.

    Powers and abilities:

    1. Controlling any metal
    2. Controlling electricity
    3. Regenerative Healing Factor
    4. Ability to fly - Via conducting magnetic force mixed with electricity directly to the ground.


    My friends over here in no specific order:

    Dr. Nice
    Ms. X23
    Miss danvers
    Dc comic
    Marvelite92/Emperor Namor
    Bruce Banner HULK

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