"Holy shit!!! Is that Shadow the Hedgehog?!" The pink hedgehog asked. She wanted to run home and get into a blushing fit, but she was stronger than that. Her father made her that way. No matter how much she hated her creater, she had no choice but to carry out her duties. She was, after all, Mia Blood the Hedgehog!

"You know, shouting bad words will get you sent to Knuckles. He might kick your ass." Shadow stated in his snarky way. It was no lie. Mia was born to hate Shadow. He was the first ulitimate lifeform before her. The fact that he made friends and got free of this dreadful curse burned a whole in her heart.

"No one asked you. Just point me in the direction of Eggman's place and I will be out of your quils." Mia glared. Then she felt a soft tap on her shoulder. Mia wanted to turn around and snap at whoever it was, but she was trained better. Mia turned and saw a pretty pink hedgehog like her. She had short, pink quils and wore a red headband on her head. She had the prettiest emerald green eyes.

"Hey, my name is Amy Rose and I bet you know Shadow." Amy smiled. "This here is Cream and her chao Cheese." Amy motioned to a small bunny and her blue chao. "What brings you to Mobius?"

Mia glared and then let out a small sigh. This hedgehog was certainly different from the regular ones she saw. "My name is... Mia Blood. I need your help to find Eggman's place. Is it true that Miles is there? I must speak with the whole Sonic team." Mia stated.

"Miles, oh you mean Tails.. Yup, they're there with Sonic and Knuckles right now. You must be the new spy hedgehog everyone is talking about. It's a pleasure to meet you." Amy smiled as she led the way to Eggman's place. Mia slowly followed with Cream and Cheese by her side. Shadow had walked past her and linked his hand in Amy's.

"Lovers?" Mia asked herself. Cream smiled and took Mia's hand.

"Yep. Mr. Shadow and Ms. Amy have been going out for a while now. Sonic is sort of jealous, but with Sally on her way, that won't last long. Oh, and did you know that they are engaged? Yup. Mr. Shadow wanted Ms. Amy to marry him this month. It's going to be at Angel Island. You should come." The little bunny stated.

Mia was taken aback at the forwardness, yet she knew that was the problem... sort of.