Hi Guys!! I just made up a poem for my friend Iceflower486.

Im also really proud of myself because I have created the United Odology Nation so I hope you like that.

I will be posting more poems specifically from me.

But as we all know good writers take other things from other writers.

I also hope that you guys take my motto into consideration.

That motto is just 2 sentences long but it is very powerful and constructive.

I really do believe that we should you use that motto in our everyday life.

So please stay updated with my other poems and blogs.

Thank you.

Side Note:

From King Mulgrath:

My nation will be free entirely and I believe in a good contructive nation with order.

I dont wish or plan to go into war with any other nations.

I hope and pray that the odolican citizens of the United Odology stay united and in peace.

Lonco Lifo Unitock Odologco Nacos - Long Live the United Odology Nations