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Hey people of the weird side of the internet. xD. okay. I'll try to post a blog every other day to keep people updated on, well... me. This is my first blog so here are just some basic facts about me. 

I am a girl. I am going into 7th grade. My current favourite T.V shows is Pretty Little Liers, ( I'm in the middle of season 4 on Netflix DO NOT SPOIL IT) Guilt, and BackStage. I like the colors black, purple, white, and teal. Melanie Martinez and Twenty One Pilots are like my idols. And well thats all i.g. I'll probably write fan-fictions on here and stuff. Idek what this website has ... YET. And yeah. thats it. Bai! ;) (translation to english from umm, idk unicornian: bye)

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