aka Mr. Snuggles, The Genderbent Gamer

  • I live in my house. We don't have a basement, though.
  • I was born on May 6
  • My occupation is soon-to-be book and cartoon writer.
  • I am what I eat. Therefore I'm pizza.
  • MichiRecRoom


    February 19, 2015 by MichiRecRoom

    Hi there. I just realized I never actually introduced myself to central.

    I'm Michelle. Well, ok, my real name is Michael but I prefer being called by my genderbent name. Or just anything that isn't Michael. I just like feeling like a different person online as it helps me to get away from all the stuff that happens IRL.

    • I'm a storywriter. I can't really write stuff at the tip of a hat... I need inspiration. I need it to be about something I myself find cool. Like video games! Or memes! Or one of my friends. Like Ducksoup's name and the potential for it to be misspelled as something that would be insulting if it weren't for good faith.
    • I roleplay a bit, but not here on Wikia. The messaging and notification system is just a bit too clunky hereā€¦
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