Hi there. I just realized I never actually introduced myself to central.

I'm Michelle. Well, ok, my real name is Michael but I prefer being called by my genderbent name. Or just anything that isn't Michael. I just like feeling like a different person online as it helps me to get away from all the stuff that happens IRL.

  • I'm a storywriter. I can't really write stuff at the tip of a hat... I need inspiration. I need it to be about something I myself find cool. Like video games! Or memes! Or one of my friends. Like Ducksoup's name and the potential for it to be misspelled as something that would be insulting if it weren't for good faith.
  • I roleplay a bit, but not here on Wikia. The messaging and notification system is just a bit too clunky here to suit my needs for roleplaying.
  • I've probably gone insane, to be honest. When I'm in a good mood I tend to start talking in weird ways...
    • Even if I don't see myself being like this at the moment, I may suddenly join the ranks of the millions of people who have become minions to making music on a program shown through devices made by masters of electric current and the atom... Well gee, that was certainly a way to describe a music producer, wasn't it?
  • Just like any good person, I enjoy having friends! Though I ironically tend to avoid associating myself with people who act in ways I don't particularly like... :/ But still.
  • If I offend or trigger you in any way, please let me know! It should go without saying, but I do want to make myself a better person. <3
    • On that note, please try to avoid linking me to anything with excess amounts of blood. I can handle some, especially if it's in good taste, but it just ends up scaring me to see a dead corpse. :c
  • I've found I'm better with administrating than creating, unless as mentioned above, I have inspiration. Speaking of which, I'm currently bureaucrat at Le Miiverse Resource. When I joined there it was the equivalent of 4chan, but me and a couple others have been working somewhat hard (only somewhat cause I don't want to stress myself) to fix it up.
  • Often you'll find that I'll edit pages and making them more to Wikipedia's conventions. I'm too used to them, and let's be honest: Those conventions are much easier for new editors to edit with. :P

I think I've gone on long enough... catch you all around. If you need me, don't be afraid to talk to me on my Message Wall. <3