Greetings Wikians, 
Wikia Video

Over the last year we here at Wikia have been working hard on finding ways to bring you licensed, high-quality video content, from exclusive trailers to fan videos to clips from your favorite TV shows, games and movies. As many of you know, this was why Wikia Video and the Licensed Video Swap tool were created. Wikia believes that videos have an important role in the way readers and fans consume information, and that internet users expect to see videos alongside other forms of content.

Over the coming weeks we will be conducting a set of tests to gain an understanding of what kind of videos our users want to see on Wikia. You will see a new videos module displayed in various places on your article pages, file pages and main pages. This module will showcase new, relevant or trending videos as they become available. While this is a test, we do hope that tools like the videos module will help make it easier for you, and the users who visit your wikias, to find interesting and high-quality videos. We will be happy to share the results of the testing with you, as well as our product plans for the videos module, once the tests are complete.

Please feel free to leave us your questions or suggestions in the comments section below! We'd love to hear from you!