Hello, on one of the Wikis I am on, the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, there is a bureaucrat that has insulted users excessively. The following things have been done by him:

  • He insults users.
  • He cusses in the chatroom.
  • He threatens with blocks, and once blocked a good contributor because of "insulting the Wiki," but the user was pointing out flaws.
  • He does things without other admins' or users' approval.

His name is MeVsZombiesMeWin, and I have been insulted by him for the last few months. What should I do? Notes:

  • Blocking won't work, as there is a "buddy system" going on in the Wiki.
  • He won't give up easily, and he is "power mad," making negotiations over his powers always end up in a fight.

Evidence of what's said above:

I have asked several times on what to do, but always nothing. Also, I have left repeated messages in Special:Contact, but always, nothing. Somebody, can you help me on what to do?